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Waldo speed trap warnings justified

LTE2On Nov. 22, 2011 at 6 a.m. my mother and I drove through Waldo on my way to a family reunion for Thanksgiving.  We had been told two weeks earlier that my 38-year-old niece who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has six months to live was flying in from Alaska.

When I drove through Waldo I had heard about the speed traps and was very careful not to speed.  But this trap is ridiculous.

An officer stands on the curb of the driver's side and points a high powered flashlight in your eyes which makes you disoriented for a few seconds. This causes you to miss the stop sign and run over the painted lines (usually this is a yield sign in other cities).  Not to mention the officer's demeanor was condescending and rude.  But I didn't argue and even told him thank you and have a nice Thanksgiving.

Nice trick I would say.

The worst part is that yesterday when I went to pay the ticket for running a stop sign, I saw there were two tickets for $154 each.  I don't have the money to pay two tickets, but I called and I am trying to extend it for 60 days so I can try and pay it.  I have not had a ticket in so many years.  I am a good citizen and even was on three boards for our city council.

Unfortunately, I am unemployed and don't have my own vehicle or I would have gone to court to speak with the judge. No, wait, that is a scam also, because if you go to court and he finds you guilty I would be fined $500 for each ticket if I lost.

I think this is a good way to make sure no one wants to drive through Waldo.

I won't, that is for sure.

I will spread the word about your latest "trap" as others had warned me about the speed traps.  I guess this helps the city with the earned revenue from all these tickets.

Nice city.

Carlene Quick

Hudson, Fla.