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ALACHUA – The Turkey Creek Golf Course restoration is moving forward. The course has been aerated and calcium has been applied to stimulate root growth. In addition, the recent showers are helping.

The next large project is to get the sprinkler system operational again. Currently there is an initiative to replace all 362 sprinkler heads at a cost of $300 per sprinkler. The cost includes installation, wiring, and the electronic computer boards. If anyone is interested in a sprinkler sponsorship they are available.

Also, the Turkey Creek Golf LLC has decided to sell partial shares. As little as one-tenth a share ($500) can be purchased. Some restrictions may apply, but dividends will be paid.

It is anticipated that in the middle of May 2018 the former Mulligans will be reopened as the “Chef Brothers at the 19th Hole” restaurant.

Last, but not least, there are a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities available from the Leaderboard to the tee markers. All reasonably priced and sure to be seen by a great many people as they play our course.

For more information please call 386-518-6815 or stop by the office located at the entrance of the subdivision.

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