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NEWBERRY — The Newberry City Commission voted unanimously to accept the resolution designating Newberry as a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. The resolution now affirms the rights guaranteed by the Constitution’s Second Amendment involving gun laws.

Commissioners discussed this issue at the Dec. 9 meeting and directed staff to prepare a resolution affirming the constitutional Second Amendment rights of Newberry’s citizens.

In Florida, 15 out of 67 counties have adopted Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions. Many jurisdictions, both city and county, across the United States have begun to adopt legislation affirming their belief in the rights afforded by the Second Amendment and declaring restrictive gun control laws adopted by another legislative body as unconstitutional.

This resolution serves as a statement assuring residents that the City of Newberry will not use resources to enforce gun control measures violating the Second Amendment.

Resolution 2020-3 lists several cases where challenges to this and other amendments to the Constitution were not upheld because of the clarity of the Constitution’s intent.

With this action, the City affirms their commitment to the Constitution and all of its parts. “With the Second Amendment particularly under attack today, each and every single one of us has a constitutional obligation to stand up against those attacks,” said Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe.

With this action, Newberry joins other places in North Central Florida as Second Amendment sanctuary areas.

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