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ALACHUA COUNTY ‒ The COVID-19 virus has changed our way of life. The new designation of “social distancing” means less human contact and at least temporary end to gatherings of groups of people that have left 20 percent of the world's population quarantined in their homes. Nightlife, entertainment events and socializing in bars and restaurants are all gone.

This has put many people out of work who cannot afford to not have income. Restaurant and bar employees are laid off. Concerts and art events are on hold. One of the hardest hit groups are musicians. All their income is based on performing, and with no crowds to attend, there is no place to play. Many are self-employed and the cancellation of all performances means no income. It did not just affect musicians as everyone working in the live entertainment industry has seen their jobs instantly disappear.

David Bayne Trull is a Florida musician, promoter and creative director with a long resume in the industry. When the virus hit, he lost his job with the social media app “SocialLadder” and saw his music gigs and festival promotions all disappear in a matter of days. Through this network he saw it happen to every musician and concert promoter he knew and felt there had to be a way to create an online platform for fans and artists to thrive once again in this new age of social distancing.

Music is an intregal part of many people’s lives as is social interaction and dancing. Working with Jameson Shelnut, his partner at “Unitea Music!” social music community app company, they decided to try a two to three weeklong online streaming concert that could support Florida musicians and give fans a place to share the love for music and arts from the comfort of our home sofas.

Working with musicians, festival promoters, music venues and independent record companies, they designed a monthlong concert series featuring over 80 bands that could be livestreamed on the internet.

"Save The Scene Virtual Music & Arts Festival is a cumulative partnership constructed of love and passion for the Florida music and arts community,” noted Trull. “Friendships and partnerships have brought together the most eclectic and diverse virtual music festival in the world. Our goal is to create an everlasting dancefloor and overcome the COVID pandemic that has rattled our beloved culture. By tuning in and supporting Florida’s scene we will keep the party alive for generations.”

The event will feature four music acts daily between 6 and 10 p.m. and each evening will be sponsored by a venue, which will help contribute to the costs of the event. Everyone involved is donating their time for this not for profit event. Fans can tune into the show via the website app, which not only will keep a count of viewers, but also offer a chance for them to contribute money for that particular band to replace lost income.

Viewers can also comment on the bands and be eligible for prizes like t-shirts or band memorabillia, which will be paid for by the concert promoters.The evening sponsors will will also offer prizes such as a free drink or concert tickets when their venue re-opens. All proceeds from the event will be donated to a reputable charity and will help each artist continue their path of chasing their dreams.

The Save The Scene Virtual Music & Arts Festival is the largest music streaming event to be done to date. It will have a diverse and eclectic lineup, featuring 80 or more of Floridas most promising and upcoming artists in a variety of musical styles. This livestreamed virtual concert will run from April 3 - April 20, with four-hour nights from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. EST via its Youtube channel and website, www.SaveTheScene.Live.

Save the Scene is looking to give back to the local community and regional artists due to the coronavirus by providing a platform for fans to donate and support. Fans will be able to watch and support their favorite artists via donation links that will appear nightly on the website and streaming channels.

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