HIGH SPRINGS – Commissioners considered and unanimously approved a resolution setting the proposed tentative rate of ad valorem taxes for Fiscal Year 2020-21 at 5.8800 mills, which is a 3.84 percent increase from the current rolled-back rate of 5.6628 mills.

The preliminary millage rate is routinely set higher than the rate the High Springs City Commission hopes to implement by the time the budget is set and the Final Millage Rate is reported to the County. The Truth in Millage (TRIM) notices are sent by the County to residents on Aug. 1.

Commissioners voted to set this year’s Preliminary Millage Rate at 5.8800 mills, which is $5.8800 per $1,000 of assessed property within the City of High Springs. The rolled-back rate, as computed according to Florida Statutes, was set at 5.6628 mills, which is $5.6628 per $1,000 of assessed property within the City.

Although Commissioners approved the tentative millage rate, there was plenty of discussion leading up to the vote. Commissioner Nancy Lavin recommended a millage rate of 5.99 mills, which Finance Director Jennifer Stull explained would only bring in $33,000 additional dollars. Commissioner Scott Jamison said he thought the City should continue at 5.88 mills, the amount set for the past three years, and that the City should live within their budget, just like the citizens have to.

City Commissioners will conduct a public hearing on Thursday, Sept. 10, at 6:30 p.m., at which time they will consider the proposed millage rate to determine a final amount.

Currently, it is unclear whether that meeting will be held virtually or in the High Springs Commission Chambers. The location and details will be posted on the City of High Springs’ website at https://highsprings.us on the day of the hearing and will specify how to connect to the hearing.

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