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ALACHUA ‒ The Alachua City Commission has approved the final plat for the proposed Briarwood Phase1 subdivision to be located in the 17000 block of CR 235A, west of CR 235A and Santa Fe High School, south of the Meadowglen subdivision, and north of the Santa Fe Hills subdivision.

Property owner Troon Creek, LLC, requested final plat approval for 84 lots on the 28.99 acres, with associated right-of-way and common areas. Individual lots will range in size from 7,500 square feet to 10,780 square feet, with the majority of lots between 7,500 square feet and 8,000 square feet.

Some neighboring residents are unhappy with the development that will bring increased traffic in an already congested area. Much of the issue with the surrounding neighborhoods is the location, which is between two other communities with a single access point of CR 235A. The two-lane road already experiences congestion from existing neighborhoods and Santa Fe High School. Traffic often gets backed up at the light to U.S. Highway 441, especially during school days. The addition of up to 84 families, possibly with multiple cars, has raised concerns from the residents and the school.

The subdivision plat proposes a series of common areas throughout the project area and along the northern and eastern boundaries. A 50-foot wide common area will be located between any lots and the northern property line, including an approximately 15-foot wide area outside of the stormwater drainage system.

Development within the proposed subdivision will connect to potable water and wastewater facilities. Stormwater for the proposed development would be conveyed to and treated by a connected, distributed linear network of retention basins to be located throughout the property. The developer is also providing a Accept the Common Law Performance Bond from Troon Creek, LLC., in the amount of $4,131,891 as the surety instrument for infrastructure improvements such as stormwater site, electrical and waters systems, streets and sidewalks. Approval of the final plat by the City Commission gives the go ahead for development to begin.

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