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Letters to the Editor April 5, 2018


Vote for Gary Hardacre
From serving as a Scout leader and volunteering at the Alachua schools and the Community Center to serving as a City Commissioner for the last nine years, and being an active member of the Lion’s Club, Gary Hardacre has been working hard to make Alachua a better place to live and has touched the lives of many of the citizens and their families.
Gary has a sincere desire to serve his community.  After having served in the military and retiring after many years of working for AT&T, he now has the time to fulfill that desire.   
Gary would like to continue to serve the community as a City Commissioner to be able to continue supporting some of the numerous projects that he has been involved with during the last nine years and I fully support him to do so.
I have always found Gary to be very approachable when I have an issue or a concern and he has always been very responsive to get me the assistance or answers I need.   Gary does not serve to promote any particular business interest or special interest groups.  Gary serves to promote the City of Alachua and its citizens.
Please join me in re-electing Gary Hardacre to the Alachua City Commission Seat 5.
Sandy Burgess
Alachua, Florida

Support for Melanie Bishop Wells, Archer City Commission
The citizens of Archer will go to the polls on April 10 to vote for City of Archer Commission Seat 4. There are two people in the race.
In 2012, 13, and 14, the Holly Hills neighborhood experienced a lot of rain which caused the retention pond in their area to overflow. Yes, it was an act of God, but the Archer Commissioners, Manager and Assistant Manager during these years did nothing to help the situation. There was one, Commissioner Fletcher Hope, who stood with the citizens and tried to help. Keep in mind he was just one of five. Most recently (March 2018) grants finally reached Archer to make repairs.
We cannot elect someone who did nothing to help this situation. I will let you figure out who was in office during this time and who is in the race for Seat #4 now.
As a former mayor and commissioner of Archer, my heart went out to the citizens of Archer who suffered and were disrespected at meetings when they voiced their concerns. It is for this reason I will cast my vote for Melanie Bishop Wells on April 10.
Roberta Lopez, former Mayor/Commissioner
Archer, Florida

Vote for Gary Hardacre
On April 10, I will be placing my vote for Alachua City Commissioner Gary Hardacre.  I will do this because I have known Gary and been a witness to all that he does for our community since we moved to Alachua in 2013.
Gary is a tireless volunteer, through his many leadership roles in the Alachua Lions Club, tutoring students at Irby Elementary, his support and involvement with Boy Scout Troop 88, the Alachua Chamber of Commerce and diabetes screening and education.  This is only a portion of the work and the dedication that comes naturally to Gary.......and he loves the City of Alachua.
We have been truly fortunate to have had Gary Hardacre serving our community as a commissioner, and I could not possibly be more confident that he will continue to do an exemplary job in his next term.  Please take the time to vote and seriously consider choosing Gary Hardacre for seat 5.
Ed Potts
Alachua, Florida

Vote for Gary Hardacre
Commissioner Gary Hardacre has been a great supporter for the City of Alachua citizens. He has volunteered with the food program at the Hathcock Community Center. He has supported the youth athletics at the Recreation Center. And he has represented the City’s interests on numerous Regional board meetings. Gary has volunteered at the local schools tutoring our students. You could not ask for more support from a City Commissioner.
Hal Brady
Retired Director of Recreation and Parks
Alachua, Florida