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HIGH SPRINGS ‒ High Springs Police Chief Antoine Sheppard presented a life saving award to Sergeant Dustyn Shenk and Officer Cody Clark during the March 10 High Springs City Commission meeting.

The recognition was in response to their actions during a medical emergency on February 4. Timothy Owens’ wife called 911 when she realized her husband was having a medical emergency. She was able to get her husband in a prone position on the floor and began chest compressions.

The two officers arrived shortly thereafter. Owens was unresponsive, not breathing and had a discolored face. Realizing Owens was in full cardiac arrest, Shenk and Clark utilized their automated external defibrillator (AED) and delivered two shocks to him while also performing chest compressions. Officer Julie Nodarse was also on the scene and reassured his wife and made contact with the hospital.

Members of the High Springs Fire Department arrived and rendered other life-saving measures. Owens was transported to a nearby hospital, where he recovered.

Both he and his wife were at the City Commission ceremony. Mrs. Owens addressed Commissioners and recounted the happenings of that day and thanked the officers and Nodarse for their help.

Both Shenk and Clark received commendations and plaques in recognition of their actions on Feb. 4.

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